How long is the training?

The training program extends up to 3 months depending on the learning method you would choose.

What happens if I fail an exam for the online training??

You may retake the exams up to 3 times as necessary to pass at no additional charge.

Will I be certified, if I complete the online training?

Upon successful completion of the online training you will receive your training certificate.

What are the prerequisites for the Green Belt or Black Belt?

There are no prerequisites for the Green Belt training program. With respect to Black Belt, holding a green belt or some knowledge of Six Sigma is helpful, but not required if you have 5+ years of experience handling projects.

What is a Green Belt in Six Sigma?

Green Belts work on simple process improvement projects. Traditionally, their job would require less than 50% of their time be focused on Six Sigma projects. However, Green Belt roles and job requirements will vary between companies.